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Who Was the Greatest #41 in Nashville Predators History?

In today's poll we face a real challenge, as a quartet of players who didn't exactly bring fame and glory to the franchise vie for the title of top Predator to ever wear their number.

Gregory Shamus, Getty Images

Many hockey players try to avoid jersey numbers in the 40's or higher because they're usually assigned to younger guys in training camp who don't have the seniority to command something from the low-20's on down. Among today's list however we have a pair of players who wore #41 for hundreds of NHL games.

Richard Lintner

Lintner came to the Predators organization from Phoenix, as part of the Cliff Ronning trade in 1998, and he spent his time almost evenly split between Nashville & Milwaukee over the next three seasons. In 83 games for the Preds, he chipped in with four goals and ten assists and a -4 rating as a defenseman who played 13-14 minutes a night. In March 2002, he was traded to the New York Rangers for Peter Smrek, who never suited up for the Predators.

Brent Gilchrist

Gilchrist enjoyed a long run as a versatile winger who could provide some secondary scoring in the right environment, twice topping the 20-goal mark in his 15-year career. By the time he signed with Nashville as a free agent in July 2002 for what would become his final NHL season, he was pretty much out of gas, however. In 41(!) games for Nashville, he scored only one goal to go with two assists and a -11 rating, and missed almost the entire second half of the 2002-2003 season due to injury.

Simon Gamache

Gamache had two different stints with the Predators, 7 games in 2003-4 wearing #20, and 11 games in 2005-6 wearing #41. During those 11 games, Gamache didn't impact the scoresheet, and only fired four shots on goal. He actually started that season with Nashville, was waived & claimed by St. Louis in November, and when the Blues cut him loose in January the Preds brought him back, keeping him in Milwaukee the rest of the season.

The guy's name does sound like something you'd hear on Chopped or Iron Chef, however, so he's got that going for him.

Jed Ortmeyer

Ortmeyer is one of those hard-working pluggers who a small core of fans really latch on to strongly. During the 2007-8 season, he was part of what may have been the worst forward line in franchise history, playing with Radek Bonk & Jerred Smithson. He only played two games for Nashville the next season, spending the rest of his time in Milwaukee, and left as a free agent in the summer of 2009. In 53 total games for the Preds he had four goals, four assists, and a -8 rating. Originally a New York Ranger for three seasons, Ortmeyer moved on to San Jose & Minnesota after his Nashville days.

So, who gets your vote? I know this isn't exactly "Gretzky vs Howe", so it will be interesting to see how the debate shakes out...

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