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Friday's Dump & Chase: Mr. Grabovski Goes to Washington

The Nashville Predators (and everyone else) passed on Mikhail Grabovski when the Toronto Maple Leafs put him on waivers, but now the talented center joins Alexander Ovechkin, Nicklas Backstrom and Martin Erat thanks to a new deal with the Washington Capitals...

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Richard Wolowicz

Nashville Predators News

Vote for your top 15 Nashville Predators of all-time | The Tennessean
Exercise your rights, citizens of Smashville.

The 2013-14 Schedule | Admirals Roundtable
Life in the AHL is tough... the Milwaukee Admirals will play nine sets of 3 games in 3 days. Nine!

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Reports: Mikhail Grabovski agrees to one-year deal with Capitals - Washington Post
I think Washington may be my Eastern Conference rooting interest this season.

Uni Watch Power Rankings rates the NHL uniforms from 1-30 - ESPN
The Preds sitting at #25? That's a bit harsh. The most overrated on this list are the Sharks, whose new unis are just plain lame.

Pavel Datsyuk Defers To Religion On Russian Anti-Gay Laws - Deadspin
Some bloggers went into full knickers-twisting mode over Datsyuk's vague statement when confronted with the question of Russia's (pathetic) anti-gay laws.

Patrick Burke, Brian Leetch join Department of Player Safety | Puck Daddy
Leetch pretty much replaces Rob Blake, who, it was often mentioned, added a pair of eyes on the West Coast for the NHL front office. There goes that idea!

Greatest Hockey Hockey Growing Worldwide According To Interesting IIHF Numbers
Which country is really booming? Belarus, actually. Kostitsyn Fever must be running wild...

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