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Monday's Dump & Chase: Monday Fun-Day!

Who doesn't love Monday? Oh. Well, what if I told you that rookie camp starts next week...would that help? Or that full camp starts the week after that? What if I told you that three weeks from today, there will be an actual (ok, preseason) hockey game? Much better, right? That's what I go out there and be somebody!

Frederick Breedon

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

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Ooooh! A conspiracy theory!

Report: Hockey Canada is ‘extremely disappointed’ that Giroux skipped camp | ProHockeyTalk

How's he supposed to sit in those meetings with a jacked-up finger?

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For the Florida Panthers.

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I imagine his offseason going something like this.

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You've written. You've called. You've emailed. So we're gonna give you what you want: More Blackhawks coverage.

Team Canada thinking big in preparations for 2014 Sochi Olympics - ESPN

They're working really hard on a team that can, at best, earn silver. Seems like a bit of a waste of time.

An NHL Rule Change I'd Like to See: Three-on-Three Overtime - Hockey Wilderness

Sure, why not?

19 Best Fantasy Football Team Names of 2013 - SportsPickle

A very strong list.