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Tuesday's Dump & Chase: What's Plan B?

You may have seen the news yesterday that Pekka Rinne hasn't resumed skating since his hip surgery earlier in the offseason. While this supposedly isn't an official "setback", I'm a bit surprised and concerned he's not back on the ice yet. If he's not ready to start the season, what's the plan? Because the whole "win 1-0" strategy would likely be impossible to execute without one of the top 2 or 3 goaltenders in the league. (Editor's Note: The author of these comments is NOT a doctor, and has no medical information to suggest Pekka won't be ready. You can likely disregard this opinion as #NegativeNellie material...everything is probably fine. Probably.)

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Victor Decolongon

Nashville Predators News

Smashville 24/7 - 2013-14 Preview: Roman Josi

One of the least depressing things about the 2013-13 season.

Discipline issues cost Radulov with his KHL team too |

Maybe the hockey world just isn't capable of understanding his particular brand of genius.

NHLers wait – and hope – for spots on U.S. Olympic ice hockey team | TheColorOfHockey

I want Seth Jones to make the Preds OR the Olympic team. Not both. (Actually, this goes for everyone on the team.)

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Ilya Kovalchuk supports Russian anti-gay law -

Not surprised.

Top 200 Overall Fantasy Hockey Rankings -

How many offensive players do we have IN THE TOP 200? #Grit

NHL 14 - Ratings Reveal: Top 50 Players | EA SPORTS

Does anyone know if they have a team rating for #Depth? Because that's how you win championships.

The Brady Andersons of the NHL - Grantland

My favorite is Hakan Loob. Because of the name, mostly.

USA: No miracle needed for Olympic hockey medal-USA Today

Correct. I think all they have to do is show up for the games on time. Then again for the gold medal ceremony.

The Team Canada roster most likely to win Olympic gold in Sochi is… | Backhand Shelf

Clearly a trick question.

Hot August Nights: Colorado Avalanche | III Communication

I've hated them since right around the draft. Not sure why...

Sabres’ Miller won’t handle trade rumors ‘the way Roberto did’ | ProHockeyTalk

That's a shame, because I've really enjoyed the way Roberto has handled his "situation".

Evgeni Malkin fights a 7-year-old during a charity game | Puck Drunk Love

Who won?

Wing-Eating Contest Ends With A Pantsing And A Punch In The Face-Deadspin

Like my dad always says, "If you can't beat em at eating spicy chicken, pull their pants down in front of a crowd of strangers."