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NHL Odds: Bovada Pegs Nashville as Central Division Longshot

When will the Preds earn a banner to hang over the ice at Bridgestone Arena?
When will the Preds earn a banner to hang over the ice at Bridgestone Arena?
Frederick Breedon

Las Vegas doesn't seem to be too impressed with the Nashville Predators' work this summer, giving them only an 18-to-1 shot at capturing their first Central Division title in the upcoming 2013-2014 NHL season, ahead of only Colorado and Winnipeg.

Personally, I see this as pretty realistic, given the number of questions currently surrounding this team. After Chicago & St. Louis the question is probably moot anyway, as those teams are head & shoulders above the rest of the pack.

Here are the latest odds to win the various NHL divisions, courtesy of Bovada:

Central Division Pacific Division
Chicago Blackhawks 5/8 Los Angeles Kings 3/2
St. Louis Blues 13/4 Vancouver Canucks 3/1
Minnesota Wild 6/1 Anaheim Ducks 9/2
Dallas Stars 12/1 San Jose Sharks 19/4
Nashville Predators 18/1 Edmonton Oilers 7/1
Colorado Avalanche 20/1 Phoenix Coyotes 16/1
Winnipeg Jets 22/1 Calgary Flames 30/1
Atlantic Division Metropolitan Division
Boston Bruins 11/5 Pittsburgh Penguins 4/5
Detroit Red Wings 7/2 Washington Capitals 13/2
Montreal Canadiens 9/2 New York Islanders 7/1
Toronto Maple Leafs 9/2 New York Rangers 7/1
Ottawa Senators 13/2 Philadelphia Flyers 10/1
Tampa Bay Lightning 15/2 Columbus Blue Jackets 14/1
Buffalo Sabres 30/1 Carolina Hurricanes 15/1
Florida Panthers 50/1 New Jersey Devils 18/1

What do you think about Bovada's appraisal? Does this have you cracking open the piggy bank to put down some money on the Preds?

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