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Nashville Predators vs Tennessee Titans: Which Team Will Win More Often This Season?

Who's gonna run this town this season?


With the Nashville Predators preparing to open training camp next month and the Tennessee Titans gearing up for the 2013 NFL season, Nashville's sports fans are ready to cheer on a winner. Both teams are trying to rebound from losing campaigns, but which is in the better position to succeed?

For the Titans (covered so ably by our comrades at Music City Miracles), the question is whether Year 3 of the Mike Munchak/Jake Locker era is when the ingredients for a winning team finally come together. Both head coach and quarterback have had time to learn the tricks of their trade, and have more tools to work with than previously.

For the Predators, the hope is that last season was not representative of the team's true talent level, and that a bounty of free agent signings will restore the Preds' reputation for bringing playoff-style intensity throughout the regular season. Oh, and SETH JONES, people!

My question to you this morning is, which of Nashville's major league sports teams will win a greater share of their games in the upcoming season? Over the last six years, each team has led the way three times:

Nashville Predators Tennessee Titans
Season W L OT/SO L Win % Season W L T Win %
2013 16 23 9 .333 2012 6 10 0 .375
2012 48 26 8 .585 2011 9 7 0 .563
2011 44 27 11 .537 2010 6 10 0 .375
2010 47 29 6 .573 2009 8 8 0 .500
2009 40 34 8 .488 2008 13 3 0 .813
2008 41 32 9 .500 2007 10 6 0 .625

And before you ask, no, we're not giving partial credit to the Preds for overtime or shootout losses. That's just embarrassing.

So vote in the poll and open up the debate in the comments below - which team will win more this season?

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