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Sunday's Dump & Chase: BizNasty Beats the Wrap

Hey look! It's another arbitrary, nonsensical NHL disciplinary action! In case you missed it, all-round good guy Paul Bissonnette was suspended an "automatic" 10 games for leaving the bench to join a fight during a preseason game two weeks ago. He appealed the suspension, contending he was on the ice legally at the time. The league reviewed the available evidence and basically agreed. So why the three games, then? Where did that number come from? It should be nothing, right? The next time I can figure one of these things out will be the first time.

Christian Petersen

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

50 things things to watch for and ask in the 2013-14 season -

We made the list!

Olympic torch lit in Greece; Ovechkin first Russian carrier-TSN

If I'm reading this correctly, they fly the torch to Moscow next week. Does it stay lit on the plane?

Lightning weighing decision heavily to keep Drouin | ProHockeyTalk

He's got nothing left to prove at the junior level. And Tampa is probably going to be terrible, regardless.

Time to marvel at Brodeur, while we can | New York Post

Will this be his last year?

Penguins defenceman Letang out indefinitely -

That sounds like a long time.

Tribalism and the NHL - The Hockey News

"There's ample evidence tribalism is thriving like never before in the NHL. In Chicago- where fans once stayed away from the arena in droves..." LOL, what? I thought everybody there was a 5th generation die-hard?

Tortorella and Vigneault Pull Their Teams in Opposite Directions-The Hockey Writers

Can't wait to see the Sedin brothers lead the league in blocked shots.

Phil Kessel regrets 2nd slash against Sabres' Scott | CBC Sports

Not the first one, though.

Josh Harding’s toque goalie mask is the coolest mask of the season (Photo) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports

Pretty sweet.

NBCSN launching two new NHL shows | Awful Announcing

More hockey, less bow hunting.

The 25 Worst College Mascots - SportsPickle

My alma mater made the cut! How about you?

10 Legendary Moments of Levity from Breaking Bad-The AP Party

Let's remember the good times, because we're not going to get any tonight.