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Tuesday's Dump & Chase: Corey Crawford Gets 6 Years/$36 Million

I have to say, I'm pretty happy about this deal. Because the Emery vs. Crawford debate was a real one (and Emery will make $4.5 million less), his glove side is oh, a touch weak, and he won't be able to wear those ridiculous pads anymore. So yeah, I don't think he's in that elite group of goaltenders (and I don't think I'm alone), but I'm very pleased Chicago has decided to pay him like one.

Oops...glove side again.
Oops...glove side again.
Harry How

Nashville Predators News

29 Teams we Hate: Nashville Predators - Stanley Cup of Chowder

I think this is sort of a compliment. So thank you, Boston Sports Fan! (For giving us lots of horrible stories)

Smashville 24/7 - 2013-14 Preview: Austin Watson

I think he's already been sent to Milwaukee.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Corey Crawford, after a great season, gets 6 more from Blackhawks - Sporting News

"Crawford made 53 appearances in 2013 behind the best team in the league. The season before, in 57 regular-season appearances, he posted a .903 save percentage that was 36th overall, then melted down in a first-round playoff loss."

About two-thirds of PHT voters choose Toews over Kane | ProHockeyTalk

You know, if for some reason, they can't afford to sign both.

What exactly is a "Role Player" anyway? | Backhand Shelf

As a Predators fan, I feel like this is a trick question.

Former Leaf, Canadien O'Byrne signs with Praha in KHL-TSN

They're getting all the stars, guys.

Sidney Crosby tops deep group of fantasy center rankings -

The Predators have___ players in the Top 40 (50 if you count the "just missed" list).

40 Bold Fantasy Hockey Predictions-The Hockey Writers

"21. Shea Weber doesn't crack 50 points." - Not that bold, since he's only done it once. Not out of reach, though.

The 17 DOs And DON'Ts Of Awesome Tailgating-Buzzfeed

Why don't we tailgate for hockey? Makes no sense.