2014-15 OTF Report Card: Mike Fisher

We're going down the roster and grading each player's performance this year. Next up, Mike Fisher.

The Stats

59 19 20 39 39 111 17.1
5v5 P/60 5v5 SAT% 5v5 SAT% Rel 5v5 SCF% 5v5 ZSO% 5v5 PDO 5v5 TOI/Gm
1.98 52.55 -0.78 51.8 52.32 102.53 13.02

Season Summary

Last summer turned ugly fast, when the Predators announced Mike Fisher would miss 4-6 months with an Achilles injury. They would start the season without their slotted 2C, and could potentially be without him until after the new year.

Thankfully, his recovery from a potentially career-threatening injury went quicker than expected, and Fisher suited up for his first game at the end of November. From there it was business as usual, as Fisher put up points at a near consistent rate, and was one goal shy of having his 7th 20-goal season. Unfortunately, he missed the last two games of the regular season, and three playoff games, bookending his campaign with injuries.

Where he really shined (relatively speaking) was on special teams. Fisher provided a spark to the otherwise floundering and systemic failure of the penalty kill and power play. He ended the season with seven power play markers, the most on the team. In over 90 minutes of 5v4 time, he saw 41.84 SA/60, which was the lowest on the team. If next year's special teams have even a shred more competency, it should bode well for his production.

In all, Fisher had another productive season, especially considering he missed 23 games. He's been an imperative part of the team for five years, and both he and the organization seem to want to continue that relationship beyond this summer.

Highlight Moments

Fisher helped in almost all facets of the game, whether it was at even strength, on the penalty kill or on the power play. Watch him carry the puck into the zone, dish to Shea Weber, then immediately race to the open ice in front of Petr Mrazek. That backhand is a thing of beauty.

Here he is scoring one of Nashville's four shorthanded goals on the season.

And, while Fisher score many of his goals this season by getting open in the slot and pounding home rebounds, he has enough skill to occasionally score a pretty goal on the rush:

Also... don't make him mad.

The Road Ahead

Fisher is the other unrestricted free agent that Nashville wants to bring back, and it seems like talks are going well. David Poile was quoted as saying that Fisher "can play as long as he wants," so bringing him back for another year or two is a distinct possibility.

Fisher, like Ribeiro, is getting up there in age but, while he can still produce, he's not the main catalyst for offense on the team. He's a vital piece on the ice and in the locker room, and was one of the few bright spots on a season full of special team woes. He'd be able to slot in on the third line in the near future (with stints on the second when needed), while being the wise veteran to Nashville's influx of young talent coming in the next few years.

Sign him, please.

Average OTF Grade: A

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