2014-2015 OTF Report Card: Colin Wilson

We're going down the roster and grading each player's performance this season. Next up, Colin Wilson.

The Stats

77 20 22 42 22 172 11.6
5v5 P/60 5v5 SAT% 5v5 SAT% Rel 5v5 SCF% 5v5 ZSO% 5v5 PDO 5v5 TOI/Gm
1.99 54.2 2.6 57.3 57.9 102.2 13.3

Season Summary

After the first day on the ice to start the 2014-2015 training camp, Colin Wilson told OTF exactly what everyone was thinking:

He was. In a make or break season, Wilson finally reached the level many had given up on hoping for. A 20-goal, 42 point season helped propel the Predators into the playoffs, and Wilson was one of the best overall skaters for much of the year.

His 172 shots shattered his previous best of 114 from 2011-2012, and he was 4th overall in 5v5 Shots/60. There is even more room for him fire the puck, if you look at his HERO chart. Wilson also set personal bests in goals and points, and was the best possession player for most of the year. Almost every player saw their production increase when he was on the ice.

Yet, all of that was marred by another disappearing act to end the season. Wilson only managed four points from February 14th through the end of the season, including one goal in his last 16 games. All of those questions from the beginning of the season started to creep back into the picture. That is, until a five-goal outing against the Chicago Blackhawks in the first round of the playoffs.

Going from ice-cold to red-hot seems the most fitting way to end the season for Wilson. He showed he can be a reliable and integral part of the team, yet the question marks around him still exist. Even if they're on a much smaller scale than they were before.

Highlight Moments

Talk about getting off the schneid.

Six minutes into the first playoff game in Nashville since 2012, Wilson skated nearly end to end, past the Chicago defenders and blasted a shot Corey Crawford never saw. Before the period was over, he would get one more. All of that after weeks and weeks of frustration.

Also, remember that time he scored on Martin Brodeur? Probably not, because that would require you to remember that Brodeur played with the Blues.

Look at how sad that old man is.

Spirit Animal

At the onset of the campaign, Nick dubbed Wilson a whale shark. After the season he had, he needs to be a mostly dependable stud of an animal, with showmanship, talent, and glorious locks.

Wilson is a mustang.

Road Ahead

How much and how long are going to be the questions from now until Wilson is signed. He proved he had another gear in him that many thought were there, and thrived in Laviolette's system. Whether the Cloak of Invisibility he inexplicably wore for the last two months of the season hurt his asking price is unclear, but it's doubtfuly #33 is going to be happy with another bridge deal. At 25, he's likely looking for term.

If the Predators re-sign him, he will again be counted on for another 20-20 season as a second-line gunner. There's the outside chance he could assume a center position in the terrifying scenario that both Mikes Ribeiro and Fisher aren't re-signed. On the other, other hand, he could be used as a big piece in a trade package to bring in a big player.

However, if this season showed anything, it's that the Predators are much, much better with Colin Wilson.

Average OTF Grade: A

What grade did Colin Wilson earn in 2014-2015?