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Thursday's Dump & Chase: What's The Next Move?

Since we're (hopefully) not going to keep three goalies on the roster going forward, somebody's gotta go. Who should it be? Mazanec and Hutton actually have pretty similar numbers…but for me, Hutton should be the odd man out. When you actually watch the games, he LOOKS like he's struggling. Just doesn't look that calm or poised to me. He was put in an impossible situation this year, and he may very well develop into a solid NHL goalie…it just don't think it will be here or this year. I guess we'll find out soon enough.

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Scott Iskowitz

Nashville Predators News

Poile says time was right, albeit not perfect to trade for veteran goalie |

The perfect time would've been 3-4 months ago, but hey, better late than never.

Nashville Predators' Craig Smith gets offensive game moving | The Tennessean

He's playing like he just don't care.

Edmonton trades Devan Dubnyk to Nashville for Matt Hendricks – six takeaways from the move | Post-to-Post

BREAKING: Hendricks is replaceable.

Predlines VIDEO: Matt Hendricks traded for Devan Dubnyk

LOL out loud FOREVER for the music alone. Well done.

Oilers Repeat Mistakes Of Past |

Yes, and a huge THANK YOU for this one.

Roster Moves; Everyday I’m Shuffling | Admirals Roundtable

This could affect Milwaukee, too, you guys.

Around the Wide Wide Wide World of Hockey

Ben Scrivens traded to Oilers for a 3rd Round Pick - Jewels From The Crown

Wonder if allowing 3 goals to the Preds "offense" last month was a factor?

Boudreau: ‘You don’t want to ever intentionally embarrass another team’ | ProHockeyTalk

They dropped a 9-spot on the Canucks. #Skill

Langenbrunner retires after 16 years, 2 titles - Yahoo Sports

Bon voyage.

A word on 'mild concussions' and Dougie Hamilton - Sporting News

You can't be "a little bit pregnant", either.

Irrelevance to Prominence: The Revival of the Chicago Blackhawks Franchise-The Hockey Writers

A great article for the few Blackhawks fans who can read.

Datsyuk named Russian captain for Olympics -

Do what you want, but I'll be rooting AGAINST the Soviets at the Olympics.

GIF: Vladimir Putin and a helmet have some fun | Puck Drunk Love

Don't laugh…he could have you killed.

VIDEO: German teammates combine for awesome stick pick-up -

Slick move.