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Sunday's Dump & Chase: Perspective

Yeah, that was a tough way to lose, and losing that way to that team and the awful group of human beings that root for them adds an extra sting. The goals allowed were not great, "Pekka would've stopped those", etc. But here we are, new coach, tons of new players...3-0-2. Points in every game. First place in the Central. I bet we would've all taken that start a couple of weeks ago. We've got a 3-game home stand coming up this week, with another crack at Chicago on Thursday. Everything's gonna be ok...I promise.

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Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Postgame: More on Hornqvist, special teams | Chipped Ice

He's on pace for 50-something goals. Good for him, but I'm still very happy with the trade. VERY.

Martin Havlat sits for Devils as face recovers from gruesome lacerations (Photo) | Puck Daddy

DO NOT look at this picture.

Lucic apologizes for making obscene gesture in Montreal - The Globe and Mail

This is the ultimate copy+paste headline of the decade. Probably reuse a few times a year.

Searching for first power-play goal, Yeo divides units into young vs. veterans | ProHockeyTalk

Next he'll break the alphabet into groups and sort the power play that way.

Gallagher: Grounding of Canucks by Lightning shows there’s real issues team must deal with-The Province

More problems for all the Western Conference teams, please.

Tomas Hertl models his game after Jaromir Jagr for an unlikely reason | Puck Drunk Love

Very thoughtful answer here.

The Avalanche aren’t bound for the basement even after slow start | Post-to-Post

We can still hope, right?

That Weird Moment When the Devils Forgot How to

Hahahahahahahaha! Dummies.

Don Cherry: Newer NHL nets are dangerous -


The other Crosby: Taylor Crosby's path from Sid's kid sister to Northeastern University goaltender -

If only she played center. Bad career choice, IMO.

The legend of 'Dancing Kevin,' the shirtless, gyrating Blue Jackets fan -

Why anyone would do this is beyond me. Free country and all that, I guess.