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Sunday's Dump & Chase: That's a Wrap! Preds End the Preseason 3-3-0

Not the way we wanted to finish, but hey, at least it's over and we can move on the the games that count. A couple of positives from last night: The Preds FINALLY scored a power play goal! Two, if you want to count Nystrom's shortie in the first (and I kinda do). Also, um, 47 shots! No, Preds fans, I'm not talking about 47 for the week...this was just the one game. That follows the 36 shots they had against Columbus on Monday. And the 32 they put up in the last full-squad game against Tampa the week before. They're not going in at a very high rate at this point, but you've got to be encouraged by the effort. The guys are off today, but they'll be right back at it tomorrow...still a few days left to get better before opening night, which is FOUR DAYS AWAY!

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Chris Graythen

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