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Thursday's Dump & Chase: Temperature Check

Here we are, 30 games in, still hanging in there at 3rd in the Central. Sure, the fellas have slipped a touch in the standings, but that's mostly due to a slightly more awesome streak by the Hawks than anything the Preds have done badly. Of course the power play numbers are still a but, um, weak, but they've gotten a couple recently so maybe it's about to regress from its awfulness? So overall, how are you feeling about the team so far? 30 games ago, did you think we'd be right about here, better, or worse? I've predicted Stanley Cup so I know I'm covered, but what about you guys?

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Nashville Predators News

Preds Practice Ponderings: Dec. 17 - Nashville Predators

I wonder which part of their game they're working on...

Christmas twist: Nashville Predators surprise kids at Walmart-The Tennessean


Poile second in wins by an NHL GM, still hasn't won the big one | Nashville Post

"How many Cups do you have?"

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Mark Howe on his father’s health: ‘He’s back in the ballgame’ | ProHockeyTalk

Great news.

NHLPA boss Don Fehr: owners likely to lock out players again | Post-to-Post

Hahahahahahaha...ya think?

Devils don't feel they deserved to be booed by home fans |

The always excellent Should Fans Boo? debate hits the Garden State.

Dallas Stars jumbotron creates jokes, snark and joy | Puck Daddy

They really are the best. Look it up.

Should the NHL expand in Las Vegas? | Puck Drunk Love

I'm going to link to one of these speculative stories every time there is one because I love hockey and I love Las Vegas and mixing the two together just seems so right.

10 Lessons Everyone Can Learn From the Oilers’ Misery " Grantland

Even you.

Gotta See It: Anderson just misses scoring a goal -

He's still bald, though.

Minor League Hockey Team Scores Three Goals In The First 36 Seconds-Deadspin

Now that's an up-tempo offense, folks.

The Funniest Sports Faces of 2014 - SportsPickle

FAIR WARNING: It's a slideshow.