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Wednesday's Dump & Chase: Happy Birthday, Don Cherry!

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Can you believe he's 80 years old today? Help him blow out the candles, won't you? With those suits, he shouldn't really get too close to a flame of that size.

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Nashville Predators News

Carter Hutton's play for Nashville Predators rises after trade for goalie | The Tennessean

There was nowhere to go but up, right?

SLIDESHOW: Another GnashVegas, another great night - Section 303

Looks like fun!

Colton Sissons’ first trip to Smashville | Admirals Roundtable

He'll be back.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

80 Interesting Facts About Don Cherry | CBC Sports

Not sure if all 80 are "interesting", but you decide.

Martin Erat named to Czech Olympic team as injury replacement-Washington Post

I guess they were looking to add a bunch of assists and complaining.

Florida Panthers will give you a seat in exchange for losing lottery tickets | Puck Daddy

For Panthers fans, it's an exciting time to be alive.

Bruins add to Canucks woes with 3-1 win | ProHockeyTalk

But unfortunately, Minnesota, Dallas, and Winnipeg all won.

Olympics 2014: Team Canada hotel is small, likely has doorknobs, hot water - Sporting News

Good grief, Soviets…at least TRY to make things look presentable.

Chicago Blackhawks Salary Cap Problems May Prove Calamitous-The Hockey Writers

Oooh! Tell me more!

The comfort of disappointment - Matchsticks and Gasoline

Here's a tip, Flames fans…always expect the worst and you'll never be disappointed.

Gotta See It: Tortorella gets Autotuned -

Simply amazing.