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Tuesday's Dump & Chase: It's Time to Move On

I know yesterday was a sad day for many of you. Nobody likes to see someone lose their job, and Barry Trotz is a good man who's done lots of great things for this city. I watched his emotional press conference, and I know many of you shared his tears. I did not, partly because I have a cold, dead heart, and the only human emotion I can feel is outrage. But also because I can separate how I feel about a person on a human level from how they're performing at their job. And I don't think Barry Trotz was the right coach going forward. The crazy scratches, putting our young, potential skill players on the #Grit line, the borderline insane statements about playing the best they've played in 10 years, and it goes on and on. The approach had become stale. And don't get me started on the 2012 playoffs...that "doghouse" maneuver may have cost this team the best chance they'll have to win the cup in a long, long time. When Barry Trotz returns as a coach, he'll rightfully get a long and loud standing ovation. But this team had to make a change...and it was the right decision.

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"Nashville is a city still maturing into a sophisticated pro sports town; our approach to sports is still very collegiate and in college — and especially in the South — players come and go, but coaches are forever."- Well, you're all grown up today, folks.

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