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Tuesday's Dump & Chase: Team USA Advances to Quarterfinals

In case you slept in this morning, Team USA slipped past Germany 5-4 to advance to the Quarterfinals in the IIHF Worlds on Thursday. We won't know our opponent until a little later today, but honestly...what difference does it make? Just give us the trophy now and save everyone the trouble. Tomorrow's an off-day for the tournament, so maybe spend the day watching Rambo, Rocky IV, Red Dawn, Miracle, and Saving Private Ryan to put yourself in the right frame of mind. And if our opponent is France, just watch this:

Alex Grimm

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Joel Ward Scores Two Goals, Assist in Canada's 3-2 Win Over Finland- IIHF

Plus another assist from Ryan Ellis.

Blues Re-Sign Goaltender Brian Elliott To Three Year Deal - St. Louis Game Time

And therefore NOT Ryan Miller. Great trade, St. Louis.

Coach's Corner: Vanek's mind in Minnesota? - CBC Sports

What the heck is the deal with Minnesota? I've been to Minnesota, and it's not that great. 

Stubbs: Price’s absence a monstrous hurdle for Habs-Montreal Gazette

"Monstrous, but not impossible! Keep watching! Anything can happen, Because It's The Cup!"-NBC Sports executives, probably.

To be Cup contenders, Kings and Blackhawks had to outsmart salary cap - Los Angeles Times

Hoping the cap can win a future battle with either or these teams.

Rangers have become the favorites in wake of Price injury | New York Post

That's a fair (but obvious) assessment.

Eulogy: Remembering the 2013-14 Anaheim Ducks | Puck Daddy

This one has lots of #Hashtags.

The Blackhawks and Kings made a phenomenal Twitter bet | Awful Announcing

If the Kings win, they're gonna be disappointed when they get tomato soup in a bread bowl instead of the pizza they'll be expecting.

A look at visor usage in the NHL | Puck Drunk Love

The Preds rank #4.

What it will take to break these NHL records | Post-to-Post


Will the NHL in Cleveland Become a Reality One Day?-The Hockey Writers

Good grief...The Mistake By The Lake? I hope not.