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Thursday's Dump & Chase: Thanks For Nothing, Kings

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C'mon, L.A. You had it right in your hands, and you blew it. Pull yourself together and take care of business tomorrow, ok? You don't want a Game 7. The Rangers are in the same spot tonight...can they close out Montreal?


Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Predators like what they see among forwards for draft-Tennessean

Poile should draft a defenseman and watch the world explode.

Loosey-goosey Habs playing with house money-Montreal Gazette

They've got nothing to lose, except the hopes and dreams of an entire nation.

Rangers’ goal: Finish the job and avoid Game 7 | New York Post

A fair assessment.

Chicago Blackhawks' Corey Crawford Investigation -- Goalie Allegedly SPRAYED Heckler |

He's got serious eye irritation, you guys! Throw the book at Crawford, that's what I say.

Alex Ovechkin, Sidney Crosby at NHL crossroads | Toronto Star

Crosby should be traded to Nashville. A proud organization like the Penguins shouldn't have to tolerate a "soft" player like him.

Top NHL draft prospects out to make names for themselves at 2014 Scouting Combine - NHL

The draft is less than a month away...time to start reading up on these guys so you can express an educated outrage when we make the wrong pick.

Coach Desjardins not a sexy hire for Canucks -

That's ok. Last time, they went a little too sexy.

Justin's NHL Draftbook (2013-1963) | The LeafsNation

With a downloadable, sortable spreadsheet for every draft pick since 1963. Have fun...

New book claims hockey invented in Britain, not Canada | Ottawa Citizen