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Friday's Dump & Chase: We Now Return To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Good morning, everybody! I just want to thank everyone for their kind words for Dirk yesterday. The praise is well-deserved, and a testament to the community he's built here. Jon and I have HUGE shoes to fill, but we're going to do our best to keep things rolling. We'll have more to tell you soon, but if you have a question, comment, or even, God forbid, a complaint, you can reach us at or on Twitter @OnTheForecheck. Thanks!

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Frederick Breedon

Nashville Predators News

Head Coach Peter Laviolette Introduced to the Nashville Media - Nashville Predators

He understands that coaches get fired sometimes.

Laviolette could help veterans like Stalberg, Cullen and Fisher – Section 303

We're all certainly hoping that's the case.

Shell Game: New Preds coach may have to give up pet turtle |

Wha? This is the worst thing ever. Maybe Frank is the turtle we need to get this ridiculous law overturned.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

These Guys Again: The Secrets to Boston’s, Chicago’s, Pittsburgh’s, and L.A.’s Postseason Success - Grantland

We've got #1 and #2, and #3 (alternate jersey, anyone?) is easily achievable. Hoping we can skip #4, but if not, let's do it IMMEDIATELY.

From Chipotle to playoff heroics: Matt Fraser etches name in history | ProHockeyTalk

I eat at Chipotle like twice a week, which I credit for most of my success too.

Carlyle in Three Acts - Pension Plan Puppets

Some folks in Toronto think giving him an extension was a bad idea.

Savvy forward Jussi Jokinen helping Penguins push to brink of Eastern Conference finals - The Globe and Mail

Six goals in the playoffs after a 57-point season...not bad for a guy off waivers.

Nash bears the brunt of the Blueshirt-bashing | New York Post

I guess $7 million is a lot of money for 40 points a year.

NHL refs don't give a hoot who wins  | CBC Sports

Except the French-Canadian ones.

Paul Holmgren's 10 worst moves as Flyers general manager - Broad Street Hockey

Hey, at least the cap is going up. They're about to get another $6 million and change to play with.

Connor McDavid drafted 77th overall in KHL draft | Post-to-Post

He'll have some options if he gets drafted by one of the disaster NHL franchises like Vancouver or Toronto.

40 players try to break record for longest hockey game | Puck Drunk Love

They only have to play for another 5 days to take it.

No hockey at the Plaza; Wranglers seek another venue - Las Vegas Sun News

No rooftop games, you guys. But that also means nobody will plummet to their death at a Wranglers game in the near future. So kind of a mixed bag.