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Saturday's Dump & Chase: Goodbye 2013-14 Season, Hello 2014-15 Season!

While the Kings bask in the glow of their second Cup in three years, it's time for the, um, not good teams (hey, that's us!) to get busy. The draft is in two weeks, and the start of free agency a couple of days after that. Take some time to check out our draft profiles, as well as our free agency primer. Set a goal for yourself to become an Informed Complainer. You can do it...I believe in you!

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Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Predators’ draft picks drawing trade interest-The Tennessean

IF they trade some picks, can it be for someone who can play now and not in like five years? Please?

Champions. Again. - Jewels From The Crown

Kings fans should be entering "How many Cups have you won" territory any minute now.

Meet the new kings of L.A. sports - Los Angeles Times

Until the Lakers are good again.

Hard for Rangers to accept end to memorable run | New York Post

Yeah, I bet. Multiple blown leads and three losses in OT would be tough to handle.

Why Do I Care So Much? - Blueshirt Banter

A question every sports fan asks. There is no reasonable answer.

CBC says goodbye in moving, playoff-closing montage (Video) | Puck Daddy

Turn on your heart light and let it shine wherever you go, HNIC.

2014 NHL Draft Order: First-Round Picks Set With Stanley Cup Final Over |

The Preds didn't win the Cup, so they'll be staying at #11.

Vancouver Canucks Father Day Gifts | The Province

There is only one gift that's a must-have for any Canucks fan. You can buy it here.

Cam Neely returns as Sea Bass in Dumb & Dumber sequel | Post-to-Post

The most important hockey story you'll read this year.

L.A. Mayor Pledges To Eat Sackful Of New York Garbage If Kings Lose Stanley Cup | The Onion

Man, he really dodged a bullet on that one.