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Friday's Dump & Chase: Bobbleheads Are Back!

In case you haven't heard, the Predators will be doing SIX bobblehead giveaways this season. You can vote for who you'd like to see here, but let's take a look at the candidates. You're gonna get your Shea Weber. You're gonna get your Pekka Rinne. I would think Seth Jones and Roman Josi are locks, too. Who grabs the last two spots? Hornqvist? Sure. What about Mike Fisher? Craig Smith? And we can't forget Gnash. Should we petition for a write-in candidate? The Oakland A's had an MC Hammer bobblehead a couple of years ago...could we roll out a Vince Gill? Carrie Underwood? The possibilities are endless. There's no doubt in my mind these will be huge nights for attendance...I can guarantee I'll be at all of them. What am I going to do with six bobbleheads? I have no idea, but I NEED them. Cast your official vote with the team, but let's talk this out in the comments as well. Who do you want to see bobbleheaded this year? (While you're voting for stuff, head on over and vote for OTF in the Toast of Music City Reader's Choice Awards...Thanks!)

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Marc Serota

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