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David Poile's 2014 Post-Draft Press Conference

Bruce Bennett

You can check out the (mostly) full press conference below (technical difficulties), but here are a couple of the highlights:

  • Michael Del Zotto was described as "not a fit" for the Predators, although the team and his agent remain in discussions. Draw your own conclusions, but I'd be very surprised to see him in a Preds uniform again.
  • Poile described the Preds as an "equal opportunity employer" after drafting two Canadians, one from Switzerland, the US, Finland and Russia. LOL.
  • He also dove into the Spezza situation a bit, stating again that the Preds dropped any pursuit once it was made clear he didn't want to be here. There was no indication on whether the same players that ultimately went to Pittsburgh for James Neal were involved, but that the Spezza talks far preceded that draft night trade.
  • All RFA's in Nashville have been qualified except Michael Del Zotto. Good news for everyone but Michael Del Zotto fans. And maybe Michael Del Zotto.
  • Impossible to predict how Tuesday will unfold, but "lots of lines out" for a top-line center.
  • As for Neal, he's expected to be in town at some point in mid-July after he returns from vacation.

What do you think?