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Saturday's Dump and Chase: Make Better Choices Than Alex Ovechkin

Yes I know, its Labor Day Weekend! Lets all be smart, make good choices, have fun, all that. But lets also talk about Alex Ovechkin. Not only has he clearly not learned from his previous Instagram snafu but now Washington's temperamental superstar has taken to the internet again, this time to promote blatant pro Russian propaganda. Regardless of your views on the Russian-Ukrainian Conflict, or if you don't even care at all, Ovechkin's behavior epitomizes everything wrong with athletes who abuse their place as cultural rolemodels and adds another link in a chain of questionable behavior that is beginning to weigh down his otherwise stellar hockey career. Please take a few minutes out of your busy, and hopefully fun filled weekend, to read this more in depth piece from the RussianMachine about the story. And above all, have a great weekend Folks!

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Greg Fiume

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