2015 NHL Draft: Day 2 Open Thread

I mean, who doesn't want to enjoy this to the fullest?

The NHL Draft roars into the second day, where general managers really show their skills. David Poile and his band of merry men have been known to find some real gems after the first round. So expect to see at least one guy that no one has ever heard of before today to become an NHL Hall of Fame player for Nashville, and like 5 other guys that will grace the ice for Milwaukee for 6 years.

I'm kidding.

Today is important for several reasons. Most everyone in the NHL knows what Nashville needs at the top of their lineup, and knows what pieces they can afford to spare. Also, most everyone in the NHL that's making hockey related decisions is actually in Sunrise, FL today. So there will be conversations either in the arena, or at the Orange Julius across the street at Sawgrass Mills.

So enjoy the show. Or go to the Beer Fest at Bridgestone Arena today. We'll be covering both. And maybe we'll need the latter due to the events of the former.