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Nashville Predators @ Minnesota Wild: Game Day Thread

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Filip Forsberg is ready to go.
Filip Forsberg is ready to go.

We're off to Minnesota to beat Ryan Suter (and the rest of the Wild I guess).

Nashville Predators Scratches:

Mark Arcobello

Minnesota Wild Scratches:

Jonathan Blum (hey, remember him?!)

Justin Fontaine

Marco Scandella

Welcome back Terry Crisp!

Crispy is back in the broadcast tonight!

We're running a bit behind with this thread, so the Preds are already up 1-0 on a great roof job by Mike Fisher from Colin Wilson, who did some seriously good work to regain control of the puck behind the net, deke out the Wild defenseman, and pass it up to Fish.


Trying to fill up space so I can publish this thing...

Let's go Preds! Let's go Preds! Let's go Preds!