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Video: Filip Forsberg On Being Last Pick in 2015 NHL All-Star Game

Filip Forsberg met with the media after winning a car in the Fantasy Draft on Friday night.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

After being the last pick in the 2015 Fantasy Draft, Filip Forsberg unashamedly met with members of the media to discuss his night.

We have the video for you above, and below is the transcribed interview.

On knowing he would be having a new car soon:

"It's funny because I actually bought a car two weeks ago, so it was kind of meant to happen I guess"

On when he started thinking that he may be picked last:

"I mean, it was, obviously just the fewer guys that got left, I mean, we were 6 guys left, yeah, I was kind of hoping for Ovi to get the car... obviously I would pick him higher than what they did..."

On if being picked last was a bad thing considering this is his first All-Star Game:

"No not at all, it's just a really fun thing to be here with the guys and yeah, just hopefully I can play another all-star game and maybe climb a couple steps up in the draft in the future."

On appreciating being just recently added to the All-Star team:
"Yeah for sure, as he just mentioned, just really happy to be here, and I got a car out of it, so that's not too bad either"

On the new car he just bought:
"I bought a's an ok car I guess... I bought it new"

On what he will do with the new car he just won:
"I dont know, I dont know, I gotta talk to my family about if they want a new car, I guess... I dont know, you can never have too many cars, I guess, so we'll see what happens"

On if he will make Ekholm sit in the back of his car now:
"Yeah for sure, I dont know, I mean we kind of have to pay him back for all the drives he's been taking us to, so I guess he will be going in the backseat"

On if he was hoping Ovehckin would get the car:
"I mean I was just waiting, I was just hoping to hear my name before the last I guess, then obviously it was kind of funny that he was still there, but... I mean it would have been kind of an honor to be drafted before Ovi, but he got me with a couple picks."

On what it was like to be back in the draft room with Alex Ovechkin:

"It was fun just watching him kind of just enjoying all the guys having fun, just laughing around back there, I don't think he's that serious about wanting that car, he was just having fun... he's a good guy."

On if any friends have texted asking about wanting the car:

"Not yet, but I mean its still night in Sweden, so I guess I'll wake up to a couple [texts] from back home."

s/t to Alex Daugherty for transcribing this for us.