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Tuesday's Dump & Chase: Rejoice, Nerds & Canada

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It was a big night for Canada, but the Star Wars trailer looked pretty strong. At this point, we should turn the NHL over to J.J. Abrams. The guy made Star Trek, Star Wars, Lost, Alias, and Cloverfield. That's a pretty good batting average. Abrams could make the Blue Jackets interesting and successful, with some nifty camera work. And there's no telling what kind of damage he could do with the Canadian election.

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Nashville Predators News & Notes

Predators week ahead: Tough homestand awaits | Tennessean
That's not a stretch. They might want to shoot the puck more.

Victor Hedman of Tampa Bay Lightning hopes to play Tuesday vs. Nashville Predators - - News
Don't do it, Victor. I like you too much.

Non-Nashville Predators (but hockey related) News & Notes

Antti Raanta shuts out Sharks to end Rangers' skid: 3 things to know -
And they're doing it without Rick Nash actually scoring goals.

Mike Babcock believes Maple Leafs can 'win every night' -


Blues 'having fun' as they prepare for big test | STLToday
Dangerous strategy; the Blues could fire Hitchcock after all the good candidates are claimed.

Sidney Crosby Must Avoid Falling into Malkin-Neal Trap - TSS
That's an interesting observation. I'd love the Malkin-Neal trap to happen in Nashville, like... permanently.

Ducks' upcoming trip could affect Bruce Boudreau's health, job security - LA Times
I'd say he's the Urban Meyer of hockey, but that would imply he's won a title.

If Ducks make change, Carlyle could get the call - Article - TSN
Since when do the Ducks make this type of "Oilers Move"?

Milan Lucic struggles to find right offensive spot in LA Kings lineup | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
It's hard not to see him working beside a playmaking center, that will use Lucic as a backboard.

Kuzma: Prust still finding his stride with Canucks | TheProvince
This is like the fourth Prust article I've found since preseason began. Most of them from Kuzma, it seems.

At this point it's not even worth the dragon.

Red Wings shuffle lines in attempt to generate more offense, spark Tomas Tatar, Brad Richards |
Let us know how that aging center w/ talented young wingers thing turns out. *cries*

The Two Gaping Holes in the NHL's New Goalie Interference Review Rule - Defending Big D
"The NHL has tried to address the problem of questionable goalie interference calls and non-calls by making them subject to video review this season. Unfortunately. they've left two very large problems in the replay design."

Not Hockey News & Notes

Screw it.

Enjoy your Tuesday. There's a hockey game later today. And don't search "Louisville" on the internet today.