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It's Hard to Say Goodbye: A Tribute to Olli Jokinen

And just like that, he's gone...

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

We've taken a fair amount of time welcoming the new guys, so I thought it might be nice to take a look back at the fella we're losing. Sure, he wasn't here very long, but he made quite the impression. Let's take a trip down memory lane...

The Goals

Yeah, there weren't very many. I'm sure he's as disappointed about this as you are. Heck, he scored 18 last year, and is 20th in points among active players. The guy can still do it. I hope he gets it going wherever he ends up. And I hope that isn't Toronto.

Olli v Ottawa

Olli v AZ

Olli v LA

The Hair

I mean, good grief this was entertaining. A real Tennessee Top Hat if there ever was one. He cut it recently and donated it to charity, which if it had to go, I'm glad it went to a good cause.

Olli Flow

Olli Flow 2

The Family

If you haven't seen the Preds' "Beneath the Ice" episode featuring the Jokinen family, you can check it out HERE. They seemed to really enjoy Nashville, so it stinks they have to leave this way. Sorry Mrs. Joki...I feel your pain:

That's about how I'd feel going from our fair city to Toronto, I can assure you.

Olli Kids

Olli Gerbil

While we hate to say goodbye, thanks for the memories and best of luck wherever you skate off to...

Olli Skate