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Predcast Season 3 Episode 22, Featuring Jon Garcia

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(and Dan Bradley, that worthless tool)

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

In this episode:

  • We covered the 4 games that made us cry
  • We debated the top two lines, and what to do w/ Viktor Stalberg
  • Complained about... everything
  • Praised Devan Dubnyk
  • And forced Jon to walked the line of hot coals known as the five tough questions
On the Twitter, follow Chris Link at @3Dlink, follow Kris Martel at @kmartel_sports, and follow Dan Bradley at @DanDBradley. Jon posts pictures of Buster at @JGarcia36.

This will be available via iTunes and Stitcher later today/tomorrow, per the norm, but I wanted to show thanks to Jon for doing this on short notice. Thanks guys!