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Sunday's Dump & Chase: So What? Who Cares?

So the Russians beat our Good American Boys at the World Championships. Big deal. Take a look at the rosters, including maybe the biggest ringer in the history of sports who flew in on the next to last day of the tournament, and tell me who should've won. The good guys will get a crack at the bronze medal today, but I won't be watching...if you ain't first you're last, after all. It might be fun to tune in later this afternoon and watch Canada paste the Russians, though. WOLVERINES!

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Martin Rose/Getty Images

Nashville Predators News

Jones, Moses and Vesey Fall in Semifinals, Will Play for Bronze - Nashville Predators

See above.

Twangs of Music, Thwacks of Pucks -

They found the three people in Nashville who wear cowboy hats for the picture. Good times.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Miller: Annoying Blackhawks fans coming your way - The Orange County Register

Hugs for Anaheim, you guys. These people are a nationwide cancer.

Same In The End: Breaking Down Hawks vs. Ducks - The Committed Indian

SURPRISE! They've got the Hawks in 5.

Lightning stays on even keel after Game 1 loss | Tampa Bay Times

I would hope so. Lots of hockey left.

Maple Leafs, Sabres in pursuit of Mike Babcock -

Anybody else feeling happy that the Blues didn't get in the mix here?

Barry Trotz reflects on debut season with the Capitals - The Washington Post

There is talk of "hardness". There is talk of "detail".

Alex Ovechkin media apologists: It was a guarantee | New York Post

Yep. He should retire in shame, IMO.

Lack of fan respect for Habs coach Therrien ‘disappoints’ GM Bergevin - The Globe and Mail

I wonder if Poile was disappointed in me from May 2012 to April 2014.

Malcolm Davis: The NHL didn’t care about my health | National Post

An interesting read.

Russia's Putin plays with NHL veterans, scoring 8 goals - Yahoo Sports

Seems totally legit.

Taco Bell applies for liquor license in Chicago | Nation's Restaurant News

As good a place as any for a trial run.