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Wednesday's Dump & Chase: Oh the Horror!

Well it's finally happened. Commercialism and radical interest groups have gone and ruined the last pure sport. We might as well stick the players in slot-cars because just like NASCAR, integrity will have to just occupy whatever space is left over after GoDaddy© and Coke© latch on and start sucking. Just like the shot clock and the helmet before it, this is just another example of corporate wusses destroying our lives from the inside out.

Jerry Markland/Getty Images

Hockey News and Stuff

NHL jerseys with ads likely after new deal with adidas - NHL -

Get back, demons!

This Month in Preds History: August - Nashville Predators

Things may be quiet right now, but this month hasn't always been that way.

Poll: Do you believe in Patrick Roy as a head coach? | ProHockeyTalk

I mean I'm biased, but I think overrated would be nice.

Julianne Hough Engaged to Hockey Player Brooks Laich :

I'm ashamed to be posting this as news.

Michael Latta Would Turn Down All-Star Game Appearance to go to Brooks Laich’s Wedding

However this IS news.

Watch Sedin Twins play H-O-R-S-E, as basketball weeps (Video) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports

Get it off the bucket list.

Pascal Dupuis returns to practice with teammates, to play on blood thinners in 2015-16 | The Hockey News

Healthy Penguins are so fragile it's hard to even be scared.

25 Famous Paintings Improved by Avocados - Page 4 - Late Show with Stephen Colbert Photos -

Improved may be a strong word...

Calgary Flames reveal $890M arena-stadium plan | Calgary Herald


ESPN's new security: Brock Lesnar - ESPN Video

I wonder if he got that lunch date.

NWHL rosters complete, but several players awaiting releases before announcing NWHL deals | The Hockey News

Its hard to see them lasting long without a merger with the Canadian league.

Marcus Kruger isn’t worried about lack of Chicago Blackhawks contract | ProHockeyTalk

"She'll call me man, I'm sure she will...she promised"

Phil Kessel's Parents Are Top-Notch Craigslist Sellers

The First Family of USA Hockey ladies and gents.

Anaheim Ducks GM still has roster holes to fill - NHL -

Still so appalled by the Kesler deal.

What do Justin Williams and TJ Oshie Bring to the Capitals Passing Offense? - Japers' Rink

Ovi is gunna be happy camper.

65-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth To Quadruplets | IFLScience

Offered without comment.

Josh's Good Dudes: Marc-Andre Fleury, Pittsburgh Penguins |

This explains why he lets guys score.


Patrick Kane Not Able To Avoid Off-Ice Issues, Costing Him Millions In Endorsements |

Good read.