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Summer Nonsense: OTF Nashville Food Tournament ELIMINATION ROUND

The battle for the last spot in the playoffs.

Krafft Angerer/Getty Images

The battle for the finals begins here. Only one will move on to the semi finals. That's right, suckas...


  • In case you were wondering how we got to this point, here is our last round's results
    10. Monell's
    11. Edley's BBQ
    12. Peg Leg Porker
    13. The Southern Steak & Oyster
    Bolton's Hot Chicken/Fish
  • Since there was no clear gap between #12, 13, and 14, we've opted for a winner-take-all run-off to determine the #10 spot since Ranker is quirky. After the #10 spot has been determined, we'll be splitting the groupings up into semifinals. From the semifinals, the top 4 will move into the final showdown.
  • As mentioned, this is winner-take-all. Vote for the establishment that is most worthy of the top 10.
  • In the event of a tie, preference will be given to the establishment that serves more local beer. Our house, our rule.
  • Voting ends on August 25th at 11:59PM.

"Now... the real game begins."

-Jim Carrey as The Riddler
Batman Forever, 1996

That is all. Good hunting.