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Thursday's Dump & Chase: Every Week Has a Weekend

That's a comforting statement. It's been a rough week. Yesterday saw a guy terrorize people at the cheap movie theater in Hickory Hollow. And on a personal note, my old high school's former special ed teacher, who is now the county schools' child psychologist was arrested Tuesday in Hollywood, FL.
We're almost through this week. We got each other. We got this.

Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Nashville Predators News & Notes

"Best All-Star Game Ever" Right on Schedule - Nashville Predators - Features
Considering the game hasn't been played yet, I'd say it is indeed on schedule.

Summer Ramblings, Vol. 27 | Admirals Roundtable
Rich Clune audio, among other things.

Around the Bored Bored World of Hockey

NHL star Patrick Kane is subject of police probe, sources say - BN Hockey
There's absolutely no detail on this as of right now. So hockey fans can do what they do best: speculate.

Carolina Hurricanes outlook for 2015-16 NHL season -'s 30 in 30 package: 2015-16
They're about a year away from being pretty good.

Las Vegas, Quebec City hit 'Phase II' of NHL expansion process | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Let's all glare at Seattle.

Red Wings' season-ticket holders will have first chance to buy tickets for outdoor game in Colorado |
Just invite the wolves to dinner, Colorado.

Coyotes and Gila River Arena to host four Arizona State hockey games in 2015-16 |
I'm 100% pro-Sun Devil hockey.

Mike Hoffman is One of the NHL's Most Lethal Scorers - TSS

Five Reasons to 'Buy' the Wild in 2015-16 - Hockey Wilderness
Not sure how Nashville is going to overcome the loss of Matt Cullen, though.

Stability is key for Blues chairman : Sports |
As in, no making trades for the sake of ma-.... WAIT A SECOND....

The fallacy of a multi-year tank, as it relates to the Leafs - Pension Plan Puppets
Only trained professionals like Edmonton can pull this off.

WATCH: 'Let's go Islanders' chant erupts at Billy Joel's Coliseum concert -
Including revisionist history from noted baseball scholar Paul Simon.

What Sutter signing means for Canucks' future -
Keep the laughter to a minimum.

Not Hockey

What would Vanderbilt's song be?

"Like a Prayer", without a doubt.

Let's do better today.