2015-2016 Season Predictions (BBQ STYLE)

Doing Bkoster85 a solid, and participating in his season predictions fanpost-chain letter type of thing. Now I'm not one for preamble, so let me just state that Preds were good last year. Damn good.

Who wins the Central?

EASY. We do. Who knows what St. Louis was thinking this off season, and I'm not even going touch the Chicago/Kane situation. Dallas looks like the most improved, and Colorado should be better... but not better than us. Winnipeg will continue to be an afterthought in my mind. NEXT QUESTION.

Who wins the Presidents trophy? Finishes last? Stanley Cup?

Going off the wall and saying Trotz and the Caps take home the Presidents trophy. New Jersey will undoubtedly suck the most, and they deserve it for being in New Jersey. We win the Stanley Cup. NEXT QUESTION.

Non playoff team from each conference that will make it, and playoff team from each conference that will not

Stars, Panthers. NEXT QUESTION.

Predator All-Stars

Webs, Rinne and James By God Neal.

Predators in the playoffs? How far do they go?

Better signing: Steve Moses or Cody Hodgson?
Steve Moses wins this by default. Got to watch my fair share of Buffalo Banana Slug games last year, seeing as my room mate is from Buffalo. We all know Buffalo was a garbage fire last year, and Hodgson looked like he belonged there.

Better season: Craig Smith or Colin Wilson?
Craig Smith. If he's proven anything thus far it's that he's consistent.

Best Predators defenseman (Other than Weber and Josi)
Little Ryan Ellis. Love that little guy. Solid two way D-Man, and remember when he knocked Taylor Hall out of his skates?

How many James Neal goals?
30 for the heel. 25 of them will be incredibly sexy.

Better rookie season: McDavid or Eichel?
I don't know, don't ask me silly questions. NEXT QUESTION.

Who leads the Predators in points? Goals?
Forsberg(Hopefully) in points, and Neal both goals (30) and sexy goals (25).

Current Predator who will be gone by the end of the season
Borque, Borque, Borque. We gotta clear up some space and I can't see anyone taking Nystrom or the Goose of our hands.

Predators Over-Achiever
Hopefully Calle "NOT THE DENTIST!" Jarnkrok.

Predators Under-Achiever
Hopefully not Seth Jones.

Two random NHL Predictions and one random Predators prediction (of any kind)
Sidney Crosby shockingly plays all 82 games. Dubnyk goes in the tank. Rinne does NOT get hurt.

What happens to the 4 UFAs next year? (Gaustad, Moses, Bartley, Hutton)
Say goodbye to Gaustad, Bartley, and Hutts. Moses stays after playing like champ this year.

First Coaching Change
Well let's see, the Coyotes are always a dumpster fire. Tippett gets canned.

Worst Free Agent signing (a player who changed teams)
Viktor Stalberg to the New York Rangers..... Sorry, he really just did not pan out.

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