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2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Coverage of the 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Stanley Cup Final Predictions

We're either faced with another team being able to drop the "how many cups you got?" line, or the ultimate heel (Crosby) getting another ring.

Western Conference Final Predictions

You know that series that Nashville was nearly a part of? Yeah. Let's preview that one. Embrace the pain.

Watch and Vote: Preds Top 5 Playoff Moments

Let's look back at the good times, shall we?

Eastern Conference Final Predictions

Take it from us, the experts on the remaining teams.

What Happened Last Night: Game 7 Was Yesterday?

Do the Preds know that Game 7 was yesterday? Has anyone let them know?

Sharks 5, Preds 0: Preds Implode, Sharks Moving On

The off season is here and it just got a lot longer.

Game 7 Third Period Thread: Do Stuff

see title

GAME 7: Preds vs Sharks Game Thread: Once More...

It's 60 minutes. It's either 60 minutes away from the Conference Finals, or 60 minutes remaining in the season... or maybe it's even more than 60 minutes.

Game 7 Practice Update: Ready to Rumble

It's Game 7, folks. If you ask me, this is the most important game of the season.

San Jose/Nashville - Game Seven: What To Watch For

Nashville's been here before. So has San Jose. Both know what it takes to win a game seven. Can the Preds get a win in the Shark Tank for the first time in franchise history? Or will it be a San Jose/St. Louis match-up in the conference finals?

Preds-Sharks Game 7 Preview: Smile You Son of A...

Well guys, it's game 7 and the Shark Tank is about to start boiling over. It's time for the Predators to pull a Brody from Jaws and put a bullet in that oxygen tank!

NHL Releases Conference Finals Schedule

Adding some extra incentive? The winner of the Sharks/Preds game seven gets a Saturday night home game!

Stars vs. Blues Game Seven Thread

Let's be honest... you're probably watching this.

Afternoon Clips & Notes: Getting Filip Going

The Predators are 60 minutes away from winning another playoff series, and Filip Forsberg has 1 point since game three of the first round. That's a weird reality.

What Happened Last Night: Two Separate Comebacks

Yes, that happened last night. The Predators forced a Game 7 in unbelievably dramatic fashion, so, let's relive it shall we?

Rising Like A Phoenix, Preds Force Game Seven

Go big or go home? The Predators dug themselves in a hole and stormed out of it like they had a rocket attached to their backsides. Thursday night it'll come down to a winner-take-all game seven in San Jose.

Preds 4, Sharks 3 (OT): Arvidsson Wins It

Rest easy Smashville, there is a Game 7 to watch in a couple of days.

Preds vs Sharks Game Thread: ONWARD INTO THE FIRE

Game six. It either starts tonight, or it doesn't start at all.

Kris Martel's Game Six Pregame Chat

Kris took time out of his day to answer your questions, and did so inside the media perch at Bridgestone Arena.

San Jose/Nashville - Game Six: What To Watch For

Game five couldn't have been more disappointing for Nashville. After a thrilling game four win in triple overtime, the Predators were overwhelmed early and often by San Jose. Can they dig deep and force a game seven?

Preds vs. Sharks Game 6 Preview: Row On

Row on, row on, another day May shine with brighter light Ply, ply the oars and pull away There's dawn beyond the night

What Happened Last Night: Not A Whole Lot Of Fun

That was a beat down. It's as simple as that.

Sharks 5, Preds 1: Pavelski, Sharks Control Series

No amount of OTs were going to save Nashville from this defeat. This was ugly.

Game 5 Thread: Pick up where you left off

The Preds were the team pushing the pace for much of the game on Thursday. Can they keep that up?

San Jose/Nashville - Game Five: What To Watch For

How do both teams recover and play a crucial game five after a triple overtime thriller less than 48 hours later? It's going to be a battle of besting fatigue and potential line-up changes for tonight.

Predators Vs. Sharks Game 5 Preview: Thievery

It is still a post-season of firsts. Longest Predators game ever ended with the Predators winning in OT for the first time on home ice...EVER! For those of you that attended, it was most epic, possibly top three games in Bridgestone Arena and maybe the City of Nashville. Now Nashville needs to accomplish another first...a post-season win against the Sharks in San Jose.

Friday Afternoon Clips & Notes: A better place

And if you haven't heard Pete Weber's goal call.... grab some headphones.

What Happened Last Night: Game 4

A lot happened last night but even more happened this morning.

Fisher's 3OT goal ends game four, ties series

If you stayed up and watched this game on television or even saw it live inside Bridgestone Arena, you were lucky. Outside of the Music City Miracle, this could be the second-greatest game sports event ever played in the city of Nashville.

Predators 4, Sharks 3 (3 OT): Thank You, Pekka Rinne

The real fun didn't really start until Friday morning as the Sharks and Preds battled their way into a triple overtime contest before the Preds came out on top.

GAME 4: Preds vs Sharks Game Thread: Resume Game

2-1 series hole, but Nashville looked much stronger in game three. Can they sustain it?

Game 4 Practice Update: Hurt or Injured?

There's a difference.