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2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs: FIRST ROUND PREDICTIONS

SERIES/Author Jason Kris Marya Jeremy Mark Link Alex Dan
Lightning vs.
Red Wings
Lightning Red Wings Lightning Lightning Lightning Lightning Red Wings Lightning
Panthers vs.
Panthers Panthers Panthers Islanders Panthers Panthers Panthers Panthers
Penguins vs.
Penguins Penguins Penguins Penguins Rangers Penguins Penguins Penguins
Capitals vs.
Flyers Capitals Flyers Capitals Capitals Flyers Capitals Flyers
Blues vs.
Blues Blues Blackhawks Blackhawks Blackhawks Blackhawks Blues Blackhawks
Stars vs.
Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars
Kings vs.
Sharks Kings Kings Kings Kings Sharks Kings Kings
QUESTIONS Jason Kris Marya Jeremy Mark Link Alex Dan
What series is most likely to end in a sweep? Panthers/Islanders Stars/Wild Stars/Wild Lightning/Red Wings Stars/Wild Penguins/Rangers Capitals/Flyers Panthers/Islanders
What series (other than Nashville’s) are you the most interested in? Kings/Sharks Blues/Blackhawks Blues/Blackhawks Capitals/Flyers Blues/Blackhawks Capitals/Flyers Blues/Blackhawks Capitals/Flyers
What favorite is most likely to be upset? Capitals Lightning Capitals Panthers Lightning Lightning Lightning Capitals

Reasoning, Justification, & HOT TAKES

Jeremy: I truly feel that the Red Wings might get bounced very quickly and/or swept. The goaltending is so Mish Mash right now and the announcement of Datsyuk leaving after this season I think will deflate the Wings rather than bolster them this postseason. I hope I’m wrong for the sake of my friend, Doctor Detroit, but I just have a gut feeling the Wings are set for an unceremoniously early exit.

Marya: It was very difficult to pick against the Wild in their series and prevent their annual exit at the hands of Chicago, but the injury to Zach Parise will do them in. I don’t trust Trotz in a playoff series and Holtby’s overhyped this season, so I think if Philadelphia can push it to seven, not even Justin Williams magic can save them.

Dan: I’ve disliked the Sharks for most of my hockey life. And I’ve preferred the style the Kings play compared to Chicago’s. But yet this year, after the All-Star weekend and after seeing Joe Thornton’s year… it was hard to pick against them. But at the end of the day, I trust the Kings. They’ll do something horrible and violent and win the series. Because Kings.


You may now officially get excited. And good luck getting any work done today.

Oh, the Predators/Ducks series? Tomorrow, friends. With more detail.