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PREDCAST Season 4 Episode 13: This Year's Olli Jokinen

The Predcast, considered the most accurate and dangerous hockey show to ever grace Metropolitan Nashville & Davidson County (Home of the Grand Ole Opry) and also considered charter members of the Colton Sissons & Austin Watson supporters' groups, is back.

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  • We had a discussion about our travels. Link saw a Lehigh Valley Phantoms game, Jon went to D.C. and Raleigh, I went to Tampa Bay. We saw hockey.
  • We also compared the experiences to that which we get in Nashville.
  • We discussed some of the trade fodder over the break, and broke down the poll we ran on Monday.
  • We spoke glowingly about the Stars, and how good they are. But also, how can Nashville emulate them.
  • We received a great round of questions from Twitter and the comments here. Thank you all.
  • The usual praise for Miikka Salomaki, Viktor ArvidssonColton Sissons, and Austin Watson.

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Enjoy the show. Thanks for all of your kind words.