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Goodbye, Seth.

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While we're all real excited about the new guy, let's take a moment to say so long to an old friend.

Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Where else to begin but at the beginning? If you've never seen David Poile Excited Face, here you go...

Are first NHL goals great? Yes.

seth first v2

Seth Made America Great Again with his off-the-charts patriotism...

seth mtl

seth tor

seth wrap

seth wrap 2

We also can't forget that we've taken a clear dip in Handsomeness/60, one of the most undervalued advanced stats in hockey.

seth handsome

Or that he once went to war with Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood over a golf ball and a shattered window.

We've probably got a few broken-hearted little kids here today...

seth school

And a few broken-hearted big kids too...

This is goodbye for now, but we'll see you on March 26th when your new team comes to town. Until then, rock on, Seth. Rock on.

seth guitar