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Subban: “No one remembers the guy who goes out and does an adequate job.”

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P.K. Subban on opportunity, hype, football, and swords.

George Walker IV / The Tennessean

P.K. Subban, the Preds newest sword-wielding blue-liner, attended the Tennessee Titans home game against the Colts on Sunday as the honorary 12th man.

ICYMI, here’s a good run down of what happened. Instead of the usual (boring) sword stab, Subban ripped his Titans jersey off, poured water all over himself like he was a Spartan warrior readying for battle, twirled the jersey over his head like a helicopter, and then stabbed the sword into the turf. It was pretty epic.

He also wrote about it in a piece posted on the Predators website. It’s a fun read and a nice glimpse into his personality. He also gives some honest takes on a lot of relatable topics.

Here’s Subban on how he approaches opportunity like this:

Here’s Subban on sizing up an audience:

Here’s Subban on the sword:

Here’s Subban on football:

Here’s Subban on shirts and yelling:

And finally, here’s Subban on fans:

P.K. Subban’s version of the player’s “doing our part” is pretty damn entertaining.