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PREDCAST Season 5 Episode 6: Noble Paths

We’re back! In the time since the last Predcast, it looks like the Predators are NOT bad and VERY successful and looking GOOD.

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NHL: Nashville Predators at Arizona Coyotes Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

In this episode:

  • Our local beloved hockey team, AKA The Handsome Men's Team, AKA The Nashville Predators, “played some hockey games” over the last two weeks as we “rooted them on.”
  • We tried not to cry too many tears into our bag of Brach’s brunch-flavored candy corn.
  • We discussed the underlying reasons for the Predators suckage (hint: it rhymes with mooting mercentage).
  • Matt Irwin = the hockey guru
  • Somehow we did manage to talk about hockey and find some hope in the weeks to come.
  • Link and Alex talked about lizards for a brief, forgettable moment.
  • The usual praise for Viktor Arvidsson, Craig Smith, and... Matt Irwin.

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Enjoy the show. Thanks for all of your kind words.