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Friday's Dump & Chase: Almost There

It's been a long week, and a longer break than normal between games for our local beloved hockey team. In the meantime, the Preds made some community appearance and won some awards. Not too shabby.

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Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Nashville News & Notes

Preds Practice Ponderings: December 1 | Nashville Predators
Hopefully, like Arvidsson's AHL honors, he never returns to receive them.

New Forbes ranking offers mixed signals on Nashville Predators' finances - Nashville Business Journal
How much of this is due to finally spending real money on the roster?

Bridgestone Arena to Host Very Busy December | Nashville Predators
We'll see how good the ice is after Star Wars Night.

Team owner Tom Cigarran reveals his pet peeve at Predators games - Nashville Business Journal
I've had a few issues with concessions at Bridgestone, but overall I think they rank very high for venue experience.

Around Hockey

Can the return of Eichel right the ship in Buffalo? -
They're just going to need him to keep scoring a goal a game.

Metropolitan Division proving mighty this season -- TSN
The balance of power is shifting, but it'll right itself shortly.

Panthers confident Barkov will break out of goal drought in a big way | NBC Sports
I'm still a bit mad about that draft four years later. Is this what it's like to be a Leafs fan?

Harnarayan Singh becomes first Sikh to broadcast in English at Maple Leafs-Flames | USA Today
He did a pretty good job. I know he has a full time gig already, but he should definitely be back.

Toews and Matthews get destructive in game of 'call your shot' - ESPN Video
[Video] Watch as Toews and Matthews destroy an innocent chocolate fountain.

2019 World Junior Hockey Championship coming to Vancouver and Victoria | Vancouver Sun
I'm campaigning for it to be in Florida in 2020.

It's time the league reconsidered awarding three points for a regulation victory | ESPN
A three point system wouldn't substantially change the standings, but it would seriously impact competition.

Shea Weber of Canadiens early Norris favorite |
Karlsson had no first place votes in their mock awards, so I'm not going to bank on this happening.