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Sunday's Dump & Chase: Love is in the Air!

The Preds won (thanks to some #SavesOfTheYear), Ryan Johansen is an affectionate man, and it's Valentine's Day which is one of my favorite Hallmark Holidays.

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Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Nashville Predators News

Predators hammer injury-ridden Panthers 5-0 - Sun Sentinel

Not a lot of Bitetto fans in Florida.

Carrie Underwood trolls Ryan Johansen on Twitter | Puck Daddy

Local talent contest winner and wife of our most handsome player is also a Keyboard Warrior. If this music thing doesn't pan out, Carrie, OTF is always looking for strong takes. Hit us up at

Filip Forsberg Rounding Out His Game - Today's Slapshot

He's got one more point than Neal, which I guess I hadn't noticed because Fil's goals aren't nearly as hateful.

Will Carter Hutton's Shutout Earn Another Start? -The Tennessean

He should start all the games. I vote the Preds lose Mazanec for basically nothing this summer like they did Hellberg before him, and re-sign Hutton for another 3-4 years. Maybe Saros will be good enough to back him up at some point, but I seriously doubt it. #SaveOfTheYear

See? Joey agrees with me.

Around the NHL

If Wild want Yeo out, they’ll probably need to fire him – ProHockeyTalk

Done. He may not be a winner, but he's not a quitter either.


Report: Winnipeg Jets to host outdoor game in October 2016 | The Hockey News

Hahaha OCTOBER. I guess so all the players and fans don't literally freeze to death.

Connor McDavid can still win the NHL's rookie of the year -

Sure, give it to him no matter what. All these awards are stupid, so we might as well throw Canada a bone.

Five things we learned in the NHL: Leipsic's big night -

Move along...nothing to see here.

Blackhawks' Marian Hossa leaves with lower-body injury vs. Ducks - Second City Hockey

Uh-oh. Hope he has access to the doctor Kane used to get back from a broken collarbone 6 weeks early. That guy is SKILLED.

Why Brooklyn-frustrated John Tavares could bolt to Leafs in ’18 | New York Post

Man, the Leafs are getting EVERYBODY.

Not Hockey

St. Valentine's Day: Ancient roots stained in the blood of goats and saints |

Who better than Cleveland to cover the darker side of the story?

"You're The Kind Of People I Want Eradicated From The Human Race." Watch NBA Refs Read Mean Tweets About Themselves-Deadspin

Nice try at humor, Sports Officials. Go suck an egg.

The kite is out there: Nanaimo UFO sightings turn out to be less than X-Files material-The Province

That's what they WANT you to believe.