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PREDCAST Season 4 Episode 19: POINTS!

We rambled about the team performing better, and getting points. It hasn't been pretty, but points were earned. That's good. We'll take it.

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  • The second line was really good.
  • Link, Jon and I may have figured out the issue with the Preds 3 on 3: it's based on their mentality. The fact they play the overtime like a power play/penalty kill.
  • How about 66% Rinne, 33% Hutton?
  • Those Twitter questions were great.
  • Filip Forsberg still needs his own hype mad with a bullhorn.
  • The usual praise for Austin Watson,  Miikka Salomaki and Colton Sissons.

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Enjoy the show. Thanks for all of your kind words. We forgot to do a preview of next week, and that's my fault. But hey, my pills are great.