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Saturday's Dump & Chase: Teamwork

Bryant is in Savannah, GA this weekend. He did half of these. Then he reached over and tagged me in. We're good like that. The fun part will be picking out which one of us linked what.

Nashville Predators News & Notes

The Most Troubling Statistic for Every NHL Team in 2015-16 | Bleacher Report
Nashville's is pretty predictable. I'll give you a hint: it rhymes with hekka finne.

WHAT? A TORONTO BASED MEDIA GUY IS SAYING THAT? AWESOME. Truth be told, Craig Button is awesome and is one of the few voices I listen too consistently. He's a good friend of David Poile, and a prospect expert.

Around the World of Hockey

NHL expansion will spur trade market |
I would imagine Poile will be looking to do some of those "wink-wink" deals (he would send a prospect or player to an expansion team with an agreement that team wouldn't take an unprotected player) to retain some of the prospects and players that he can't protect.

NHL scores 2016: Wild let down by goaltending in hunt for a playoff spot |
I don't know if you can call it "let down" when you're counting on a career backup-level goaltender who had one good season.

TSN Hockey's Top 10 Storylines of the Week - Article - TSN
Tyler Seguin and Corey Crawford getting hurt is big news.

Is Sidney Crosby a serious Hart Trophy candidate? | ESPN
Sidney Crosby has come alive in recent weeks, leading the way at both ends of the ice as the Penguins chase a playoff spot. Even with him bringing it on in the last half, the award is probably Patrick Kane's to lose.

Why the LA Kings go on wild swings (Trending Topics) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports

Five ways to increase NHL scoring besides shrinking goalie gear (Video) | Yahoo Sports
I'm open to anything to increase scoring. Based on general statistics, more scoring would hopefully lead to fewer random wins (ex. a team out shoots and out plays their opponent but still loses) and make the standings more representative of the quality of the teams.

Three things we learned in the NHL: Ladd to be back -
Kuzy is pretty good. But I'm sure Austin Watson will be a fine NHL player. Right?

The Watercooler: How does NHL fix broken draft lottery? | TSN
"There is a simple fix. The team that won the lottery and the first-overall selection doesn’t go back in the hat for the next season, regardless of where it finishes in the standings." I like it!

The top 10 players taken in modern expansion draft history -
Andrew Brunette had an interesting career.

The Blue Line: Who's been the NHL's top rookie? | The Daily Free Press
If McDavid misses out in the Calder voting I'd have to agree with the guys on the Predcast in saying Ghost Bear should be the favorite.


Middle Tennessee State's win over Michigan State is the biggest upset in NCAA Tournament history -