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Game 3 Practice Update: Ducks Making a Change

Everything remains the same for your Hometown Heroes, but the Ducks have decided to spare John Gibson from the merciless "it's all your fault" chants this evening. Let's take a stroll through the afternoon's developments...

Harry How/Getty Images

ICYMI, David Poile was on 102.5 today to finally answer the question "What DOES the GM do when the team is in the playoffs?" (Spoiler: He just sort of watches the games like you)

I'm sure you won't disappoint.

Yeah. No reason to change things up here being that the Preds are up 2-0 and all that. I still can't believe we live in a world where Cody Bass has started 3 playoff games (and has not been totally terrible!), but hey, what the hell do I know.

I know the Ducks (and their coach, specifically) have been talking up the "be more disciplined" approach, but I don't know if they have it in them. Speaking of which...

Shawn Horcoff is in tonight, and your new enemy goaltender is Frederik Andersen.

Is this likely to happen again? I don't know but let's give it a shot. You know what to do, Nashville Predators...

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