I want my Old On The Forecheck back!

I don't come here much anymore. Don't get me wrong. I still check out the post game recaps. I read the articles. But I stay away from the comment boards and game threads. I used to come here a bunch. I was under a different name then, new email address. But I digress.

I went to my first hockey game on December 4th 2010. The Preds beat Carolina. I instantly fell in love with the game. The next day I left a Titans game at halftime because I was bored to death. The Preds had ruined all sports for me. I only had two problems. 1. I didn't know the rules to the game. 2. I live in Memphis so I don't have a wealth of fellow fans to talk to to learn the game from or share my love with.

Then my friend who took me to the game told me about OTF. I became hooked. Here was a group of people who did nothing but talk about hockey. It was a site that was nothing but a collection of not only articles but also personal writings of nothing but hockey related issues.

OTF became my main web site that I visited. Come game time I couldn't fathom watching a game without my ipad in my lap. Reading the comments in the game thread, posting comments, giving rec's, laughing at memes, and making post go green. It was great. I something I liked most of all, it was clean.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a saint. Language is not strictly PG in my vocabulary. But OTF was a place with standards. It was a place where you could have all the fun you wanted you just couldn't type about 10 words in the English language. And it made us different from every other SB Nation site I've visited. It was nice.

Since Dirk left things have changed. Now this is not to throw the people who took his place or their place under the bus, it is only to point out a point in time. But I have noticed that the language on the site isn't the only thing that has changed. Participation has too.

As I'm typing this the announcer is saying "one minute" in the 3rd of game 4 in the 2nd round of the playoffs and the game thread only has 273 comments in it. Used to we had a game thread for each period. There were nights we would 800 comments during the week against the Blue Jackets in Febuary. I think the two things have something to do with each other. I don't see the regulars anymore. A lot of people, like me, have quit coming and we are not being replaced by same amount of people. I believe we need the old On The Forecheck back. I know I miss it. I know I would be here if it was back.

I know its not the same not seeing the Predobear riding the Honeybadger before each game declaring Tonight we ride to war. I miss that.

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