When You Win A Triple Overtime Playoff Game ...

I remember the night like it was yesterday. Not because it was actually yesterday, that was YOUR night, but I remember it like it was.

MY night came on May 5th, 2012, sitting on my couch watching the Rangers take on the Washington Capitals in Game Three of their Second Round series. The Rangers were on their way to their first Eastern Conference Final in recent memory that year, but I obviously didn't know that at the time.

This was before the Rangers became good. Maybe it was a stepping stone of sorts, but I do remember watching the game expecting the worst despite the Rangers being the top seed in the conference. This game is also memorable because Stu Bickle played just over three minutes (3 minutes) in a nearly 120 minute game. Ryan McDonagh played an hour. Ryan Callahan played 45 minutes. It was crazy. John Tortorella is crazy.

Anyway, Marian Gaborik -- who had been struggling due to an injury in the playoffs -- slid into the slot and finished off a perfect Brad Richards behind the net pass with just over five minutes left to end it.

So I do need to explain something before I go further: I married a twin. My wife's sister's boyfriend (now fiance) has since become my best friend (he and I had to bond because the two of them are a machine that seemingly can't be stopped). To the left of our seats at Madison Square Garden there was a section called "Gaborik's Guests" which was a section for special guests from Gaborik, I guess? They never advertised anything about it, but there were always kids sitting in there -- so I assume it was a nice thing.

This was a big deal for a lot of reasons. Mainly my buddy wanted to get a jersey but didn't know who to get. we loved Gaborik, thought the hate he got was stupid and wanted him to succeed. So we would laugh at games about us being Gaborik's guests and about how he would be disappointing my buddy (who finally caved in and bought his jersey that year) when he didn't score.

Back to the game: When Gabby did finish I launched off the couch (it was a small-back couch in the middle of the room, he was sitting on the other couch for luck) and we jumped into each other's arms, jumping up and down as I squealed "it was Gaborik, it was Gaborik, it was Gaborik" at like one in the morning. It was one of the more memorable Rangers memories I've ever had.

I'm jealous that some of you were there. I was on my couch and the Rangers were on the road and it was special. I'd imagine it was somewhat similar to Derek Stepan's OT series winner against Washington last year (probably my best Rangers memory to this point -- maybe tied with the St. Louis ECF Montreal game winner), which was awesome.

Not sure why I felt compelled to write this, to be honest. There's not much of a point to the story. Just that it's incredible when something like that happens, and you get to live it. You'll remember it forever because that's what we do.

Best of luck, guys.

P.S: I'm a Quinnipiac alum and Mike Fisher's brother (Bud Fisher) was the goalie at QU while I went there. So I do have an attachment to you guys. And fried chicken ...

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