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Sunday's Dump & Chase: The Hockey Gods

I wasn't superstitious until I got into hockey, and my puny human brain struggled to accept the near-purely random nature of the sport. It may not have paid off in the end, but I ate a ham sandwich for dinner before every Preds game this playoffs. Tonight's game won't come down to which team has the puck the most, or executes their strategy the best. It will be determined by whichever fanbase most effectively petitioned the deities that govern this sport. I'll be eating another ham sandwich

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Sidney Crosby superstitiously defies superstition.
Sidney Crosby superstitiously defies superstition.
Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

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The Monsters completed the sweep to win the AHL Calder Cup.

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35 shots a game. I wasn't overly impressed with Jones in their series against the Preds, but he's kept them from being swept.

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I'm torn between "because the hockey gods love us" and "the hockey gods hate us".

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Couture is the annoying coworker that loudly discusses tv spoilers the next morning.

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The saga continues.

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Today I learned "NL" means Newfoundland-Labrador.

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His funeral is scheduled for Wednesday in Detroit.

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This is for entertainment purposes only. The hockey gods are pernicious.

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Probably a good strategy.