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What was Yakov Trenin cooking?

Just a post featuring Yakov Trenin biking, grilling, and having some fun.

2015 NHL Draft - Portraits Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Hockey players’ Instagram accounts are full of gold this time of year, and Big Yak’s is no exception. Just earlier this month, he was back with his crew at Traktor.


Рождённые побеждать #dreamteam #natusvincere

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Extra Crispy:

День просто пулемёт

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Also, this kid is cute. Check out the comments:

Своя атмосфера Bro, I'm just gonna shake, Shake, shake, shake, shake I shake it off, I shake it off✌ ️

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dalts_r Hope Vasya did not loose his teeth in a hockey fight?

trenin_13@dalts_r no, street fight

Now we have our lovable Yakov Trenin at the grill, with a pork entree on metal skewers. I’m assuming it’s pork, since it has the pig emoji. Shashlik!

От души

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I had many questions about what kind of sauce he’s using, what kind of marinade, etc. Also, how did he get the texture to look that color and that crispy without charring it? Is that light-colored sauce on the left a "mop sauce"? Given that Tennesseans put barbecue sauce on anything that sits still long enough, I had to know.

First, I learned more about Shashlik marinades.

The main difference to European or western style barbecue is the size of meat pieces. In the Caucasus, small pieces of meat and vegetables are thread onto long metal skewers. This reduces the cooking time and allows preparing the main and the side dish at the same time


Whereas here, we smoke stuff for hours in the pit/smoker box while we find new ways to marry butter and starch in the oven.

Here’s a video on how to replicate Yakov’s dinner:

Regarding the sauce: the video said to serve it with a sour cream sauce. I was skeptical, so I asked the man himself.

dandbradley What kind of sauce is that on the left?

trenin_13@dandbradley sour cream I guess

That’s all. Enjoy your Sunday, and enjoy this awesome picture of Big Yak biking around in an Admirals team polo.

Жёсткий buzzin

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