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Nashville Radio Reacts To P.K. Subban Trade

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Hear from various folks as they discuss the Weber for Subban swap.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

There was some news yesterday if you didn't hear. The Preds swapped Shea Weber for P.K. Subban and that was the talk on the dial.

Stu Grimson joined the guys on WNSR:

Our own Kris Martel joined 3HL and discussed the trade:

Hear from Arpon Basu on A to Z sports as he tries to answer the question of "why?' from a Montreal standpoint:

Pete Weber also joined the guys on A to Z to discuss the bizarre day yesterday was.

Josh Cooper of PuckDaddy joined the folks at 3HL to break the action down:

The great Jeff Marek of Sportsnet joined Sports Night last night and explains why Nashville won this trade:

Last but not least, Adam Vingan of The Tennesseean dropped some knowledge yesterday after the trade went down: